Our general policy for job postings is that the positions be either from member firms or from other non-member financial service providers with a relevant connection to our industry.

Job postings are free to FPA NEO members and their firms. All postings will be removed after 30 days unless a specific time frame is requested.

The fees for non-members are as follows:

  • Internships – free
  • Each 30-day job post – $100
  • Each 60-day job post – $150
  • Each 90-day job post – $225

Resume postings are FREE to any FPA NEO members seeking a position in the financial planning industry

Must be in Word or PDF format as the firm wishes it to appear and emailed to the chapter executive for distribution and website posting.

Information for the job posting will be displayed and used in its exact form submitted. Before submitting, please verify that all information is accurate and correct. By submitting a job posting, firm agrees not to hold FPA NEO responsible for errors submitted in this form. Accuracy is the responsibility of the individual/employer posting the position.

All listings will be removed within the specified time, unless the position is filled sooner

FPA NEO reserves the right to remove a job posting or refuse to post a position at any time. Please note that contact regarding any of the positions displayed should be made directly with the hiring firm indicated and not with FPA NEO.

Any misrepresentation of a position posted and/or the employer will result in the immediate removal of the job posting and will disqualify the individual/employer from further participation in the FPA NEO job posting service.

The content of the job postings submitted by employers are not drafted or otherwise independently verified by FPA NEO board members, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

It is against FPA policy to make job postings or solicitations on FPA Connect. The appropriate place to do so is jobboard.onefpa.org.